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The University of Houston (UH) Libraries, in partnership and consultation with numerous institutions, was awarded an IMLS National Leadership/Project Grant (LG-70-17-0217-17) to support the creation of the Bridge2Hyku (B2H) Toolkit. As part of this toolkit, University of Houston is developing several applications to assist in the migration of data from CONTENTdm to Hyku. The workshop will cover two important tools

a importer gem that would allow Hyku providers an easy insert into their stack for users to migrate with. This workshop will have attendees work with these applications and the B2H Toolkit to cover the basics in metadata migration. Learn how to use CDM Bridge to get your data out of CONTENTdm, allowing you to assess, reconcile and prepare your data for Hyku. See how using HyBridge can ingest your data into Hyku and learn how to evaluate that data in its new home.

A workshop given at Samvera Connect 2018, advertized as "Hands-on with the Bridge2Hyku Toolkit", described thus

a stand alone electron-based tool that easily pulls metadata and files out of any CONTENTdm instance for migration and metadata remediation. HyBridge

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