Enhanced Preservation, Fewer Migrations: Fedora 6 and the Oxford Common File Layout Public Deposited

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Fedora 6, the next major version of Fedora, will focus on digital preservation by aligning with the Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL). The OFCL is an application-independent approach to the storage of digital objects in a structured, transparent, and predictable manner. This provides many benefits, including: parsability, both by humans and machines, to ensure content can be understood in the absence of original software; robustness against errors, corruption, and migration between storage technologies; versioning, so repositories can make changes to objects allowing its history to persist; storage diversity, to ensure content can be stored on diverse storage infrastructures including cloud object stores; and completeness, so that a repository can be rebuilt from the files it stores. This presentation will provide an overview of the Fedora 6 design, including a brief introduction to the OCFL and how it is being implemented, along with a summary of development progress to date and the anticipated timeline for the 6.0 release. The video recording of this segment is available at the 'Related URL' below.

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