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A presentation at Samvera Connect 2019 described thus: This presentation will explore the development of Hyku for Open Educational Resources — openly licensed educational materials such as textbooks, quizzes, classroom activities, etc. — while capitalizing on Hyku's multi-tenancy and sharing of infrastructure across two large groups of libraries. The PALCI and PALNI consortia (representing libraries in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia and Indiana) have just received a two year IMLS National Leadership Grant to develop Hyku into a multi-tenant, consortia-based service capable of handling OER in addition to other institutional repository resource types. In addition to leveraging collective expertise through consortia, two new work types are being developed for OER and electronic thesis and dissertations. This presentation will focus on the first work type being developed for OER , describing the features and uses of these resources, how the new work type model is being developed, and examine why Hyku and the Open Source Software community is a great home for this project.

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