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A presentation at Samvera Connect 2019 described thus: Many institutions need to import, export, and migrate data in bulk, and the ability to do this easily should be a fundamental service offered by any repository. For Hyrax, there are a range of home-grown and community solutions focused on specific use cases but there are no easily reusable community solutions. That’s starting to change and we’d like to talk about our specific experience building ‘Bulkrax’ and ‘Zizia’, two bulk import-export engines for Hyrax. This talk will outline the current status of our two projects, covering the design and approach taken, alongside features such as OAI-PMH import, and CSV import and export. We'll also talk about where Bulkrax and Zizia are going in the near future. We’ll show how each can be adopted, configured, and extended to meet local use cases, and how these projects are meeting the requirements set out by 2018’s ‘Batch Import-Export Working Group’. We’ll also discuss how best to move forward as a community around this issue: This will mean developing not only software but also shared community practice for managing the flow of bulk metadata from legacy systems and digitization projects into Samvera repositories.

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