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A presentation at Hydra Connect 2016 described thus: Fedora provides an essential foundational layer to the Hydra Stack that may seem opaque to many in the Hydra Community. Recent community discussions have highlighted the technical and community relationship between Hydra and Fedora, the value proposition of Fedora, and Fedora's role in an institution's broader preservation strategy. As the Hydra Community continues to thrive, the intersection of the larger repository community and role with these technologies is an important community rallying area. This session is intended to: Generate awareness of the role Fedora plays in the Hydra stack; Generate awareness of the role client platforms play in shaping Fedora development; Advance a Hydra platform statement on the importance of supporting Fedora in general; Discuss methods for approaching development of features along the Hydra and Fedora stack continuum; Highlight the contributions many Hydra institutions are making towards Fedora as a way to advance their Hydra environments, as exemplars of how the two projects are symbiotic. An audio recording of the session is available for download below.

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