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Slides from an on-line, interactive workshop delivered as part of Samvera Connect 2020 On-line, described thus: * A knowledge of the Samvera Community, how it is structured and how it operates * A detailed appreciation of the Samvera vision statement and key elements within this to showcase how they can be of benefit to a library's strategic planning and delivery * An understanding of the ways in which library staff can engage and benefit from participation in the Samvera Community, exploring the benefits of broader involvement with colleagues beyond a local library * An insight into the ways that technical developments within the Samvera Community can support digital strategy * An appreciation of the ways that Samvera can support digital content management requirements and connect different areas of library activity The aim of this workshop is to provide a space where senior staff involved in strategic planning can be introduced to Samvera and the Community, to hear about how Samvera can make a positive contribution to their digital strategy and how to make this work for them and their staff. The content of the workshop will be akin to the Introduction to Samvera session that has run before, but will be additional to this and focused specifically on addressing the strategic benefits that AUL and senior staff in organisations seek when engaging with external initiatives. Attendees are encouraged to make use of this workshop to discover what makes Samvera tick and how this can align with local strategic planning. Alongside content delivery there will be a focus on discussion and questions to help identify what the Samvera Community can offer, and what it needs to offer, to meet local requirements. The 'Related URL' below links to a YouTube recording of the workshop.

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