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The original of this video demonstration was made on the Samvera Partner call September 11th, 2020. It has since been re-recorded. It was described thus: Digital Collections is a forthcoming Hyrax-based digital image repository at Indiana University (IU) collaboratively developed by the IU Bloomington Libraries, IUPUI University Library, and University Information Technology Services, with major feature development by Notch8. This demonstration will cover features for managing multi-page digital objects and Allinson Flex, a flexible machine-readable metadata modeling implementation for Hyrax developed by Notch8. This new Hyrax-based repository will replace use of a legacy locally-developed Java/Fedora 3-based solution at IU Bloomington and CONTENTdm at IUPUI. To view the video, follow the 'Related URL' link below.

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