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Samvera Connect 2020 was a virtual, rather than face-to-face, conference because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation would normally have been given as a workshop with some hands-on participation in the middle. The session was described thus: * Understand what Samvera is and how to participate * Understand how to use Samvera * Understand the value of Samvera Samvera is a community, a set of tools, and a collection of ready-to run and hosted applications to help build a digital repository for your institution. The community drives the specification and development of sustainable open source technology and honing best practices for managing digital content. This workshop will provide an on-boarding and general entrée to the Samvera community and solutions for non-coders. The first part will provide an overview of Samvera solutions, hosting options and the community – what is it, why is it different? It will showcase applications solving a diverse set of needs and organizations, and discuss the how the community at large works to enable these. The second part will give a general technical overview designed for a non-technical audience. The resources needed to maintain and contribute to a hosted or custom Samvera solution will be discussed, resources that exist to get started will be highlighted plus how to contribute to the community technically and non-technically. The final part will discuss value and how to pitch Samvera and get institutional support. It will discuss the advantages of being part of the community and how that strengthens the sustainability of the tools, the applications, and the community overall. The 'Related URL' below links to a YouTube video of the presentation.

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