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The Governance Working Group was chartered by Partners thus: The Governance working group is a small group chartered by the community to help synthesize and formalize the various governance discussions and documents currently underway. The scope of the Samvera Governance Working Group’s deliverables will be: * Context: A one-page summary of the discussion, documentation, and feedback to-date related to the various governance models under consideration. * Synthesis: A summary of the themes and issues that the community hopes to address by refining existing or adopting new governance practices and structures. Ideally identifies key differences and decision points between the models provided for evaluation and current model. This combined context and synthesis documents should be approximately 750-1500 words (1-3 pages) in length * Draft: Development of a draft governance proposal and incremental steps to implementation if appropriate * Community Input: Circulation of the above to Partners, stakeholders, and the Steering group for review, comment, and change requests to the proposal * Legal Review: This step will be shepherded by Steering, as the proposed model will also be assessed for legal, licensing, and MOU implications prior to further community review. * Proposal: A revised governance proposal based on community, stakeholder, & legal feedback * Community Review: Circulation of the final proposal for potential adoption at a Spring/Summer 2018 partner meeting

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