Capturing the UK City of Culture: bringing Hyrax and Archivematica together to deliver preservation and access workflows Public Deposited

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A presentation at the Open Repositories 2019 conference in Hamburg, Germany, described thus: Hull in the UK was awarded the title of UK City of Culture for 2017. Over 2,800 events, attracting a total of 5.3 million people, took place over the course the year, a vast cultural undertaking. This cultural celebration generated many digital, and physical, artefacts, from the business documents of the organising company through to models of works by artists and data from evaluation of the impact of the year: over 150,000 items in total. The University of Hull is contributing to the long-term legacy of the year through the development of a digital archive to capture, record and make available the material generated. This has been undertaken through the combination of a repository, using Samvera’s Hyrax, with related tools: Archivematica for preservation processing, Box as an interim store, CALM for archives cataloguing, and Blacklight for presentation and discovery – each doing what they do best and being combined to best overall effect. This presentation will describe the work to create this infrastructure in partnership with a repository vendor, CoSector, and consider the ways in which the architecture, now completed, can be applied to other use cases, both archival and repository-related, beyond the specific one for which it was built.

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