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A presentation given at Samvera Connect 2020 On-line described thus: Collaboration is more than just sharing costs, and the PALCI and PALNI consortia are pushing that idea into our repository management. We want to create the flexibility for both IR workflows and more “traditional” library-owned content within the same instance of Hyku. We also want to enable libraries to collaborate and share work, not just with their consortial partners, but also among their own departments across campus. To us, this means enhancing the ability to manage user and tenant settings to enable different workflows. By working with a number of libraries testing out the Hyku multi-tenant option, we realized that a robust dashboard for user/role assignment and the expansion of a few more roles would enable us to manage these flexible workflow options. PALNI and PALCI are working with Notch 8 to enhance the underlying “role” and “group” functionality in Hyku and develop a new administrative dashboard to control permissions across multiple tenants. We will also be expanding role and group functions within tenant management. This presentation will discuss how we researched and developed our requirements as well as the plan and progress to date. The 'Related URL' below links to a video recording of the session. The video has closed captioning.

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